1. My Two New Obsessions: Pinterest and Bloglovin’.

    I know I may be late in the game, but this week I finally got my Pinterest login and joined Bloglovin’. 

    Obsessed doesn’t even begin to illustrate the amount of pinning I am doing. It kinda’ definitely looks like this.

    It’s essentially a more organized version of tumblr, where I can easily organize my images collected from blogs and tumblr and “pin” on to “boards”. One thing that is kind of sucky is that you can’t just join, there is a waiting period to get a login. Whatever totally worth it.

    Here’s my link: http://pinterest.com/dstroppa/ and here’s one of my boards as a preview. 

    It’s adorable. Get one..and make sure you have like 700 hrs available upon logging in.

    As for bloglovin’ I love, love, LOVE, being able to see all my blogs lined up for my perusal. PLUS it’s an awesome resource to find new bloggers. 

    I’m finally getting to streamline my favorite web obsessions (blogs and collecting images) so that I’m not some crazy internet bag lady, which possibly looks like this;

    Don’t forget to follow vitruviangirl.tumblr.com on bloglovin’!

    : )


  2. Dear Tumblr, You can find me in a van down by the river…

    It is Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    I am currently unemployed, taking a semester off of school and moving out of my parents house.

    In other words…

    Ok maybe I’m exaggerating…MAYBE… 

    I QUIT MY FULL TIME JOB where I made tons o’ cash (which I saved!), so that I could fulfill my dreams of being an artisan/philosopher/designer/musician/ blogger/pain in the ass..(maybe I already fulfilled the position on the latter).. 

    I’M NOT GOING TO SCHOOL THIS TERM due to new Florida regulations (RICK SCOTT), that require me to file a FAFSA for my scholarship. Unfortunately I do not have a parent who supports me, therefore I lack necessary info and to make a shitty story short, I am waiting till I turn 24 next March to classify as an independent. If that doesn’t make sense, please see above GIF of Dave Chapelle for further clarification. 

    I MOVED OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE because let’s face it, who wants to be clubbed in the heart every time they step outside their bedroom walls. 

    In summary, I took the plunge people. I am saying NO to everything society shoves down my throat and am going to start AGAIN. Free from ridicule, morals, opinions and societal conjecture (if that’s even a term, who cares I just made it up.) 

    I am NOT going to go to school, get married, get Pr-eggo, retire and die.

    Sometimes you gotta do what you and everyone else is afraid of…LIVE.