1. Nine hundred and twelve pages later, the September issue of Vogue provides a wealth of images for the upcoming Fall season. 

    From tweed to velvet, to fur and gold, florals and lace to leopard and snakeskin. Paisley prints and chinese vases, chunky knits and matching mod prints, this fall will touch base with many of the times classics as well as making some bold introductions. 

    What I learned: Ads say so much more than you’d expect. I went page by page and made notes of all the colors, textures, prints, patterns and even the hairstyles. After the third time you’ve written down “royal purple” you really know what colors to invest in. I also noticed several references to Steampunk culture, very Sherlock Holmes as well as Alice in Wonderland. Overall remember to wear bold colors or go neutral. Mix textures, match patterns, and note that ornamentation is key.  

    From Left to Right:

    Fall 2012 RTW (images via Vogue.com)



    Dries Van Noten


    Miu Miu

    Dolce & Gabbana

    Philip Lim 

    Proenza Schouler


  2. Falling for Fall

    Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. 

    - Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail

    It’s just about time to stow away the sandals and bring out the boots (I write this as I’ve been under a Tropical Storm/Hurricane warning…) Although it hasn’t been too shabby as I’ve been able to catch up on some reading (only 912 pages of the September issue) and finish The Happiness Project. It’s a fantastic, inspiring read that left me leaving tiny post-its inside the book like a madwoman as I was reading it.

    Consequently I’ve begun a Happiness Project of my own, although at the surface my resolutions probably resemble a lot of other people’s. Exercise more, always tidy up, floss every night, blah-blah, but some of my more in depth projects, like start an Etsy shop or make a zine, will require some kind of a roadmap. 

    So while I’m still being quarantined by nature, I’m going to pick up a pen and get to planning.

    25 days left till’ Fall.


  3. A Date With…ME!

    This morning I totally played hooky and thought “I love me, I want to take me out and buy me wonderful gifts”.

    And that is precisely what I did.

    Best date EVER. 

    Toodles :)


  4. Sketching and Shit.

    I never really thought of myself as an artist..In the sense that I am talented at “arting” or drawing, painting, etc.

    HOWEVER, I’ve realized that the difference between being good at something and NOT being good at something can simply be altered by just DOING IT.

    So here I AM..DOING IT. That is learning to sketch..






                         By tracing…But HEY IM LEARNING CUT ME SOME SLACK!