1. Moveable Type: Letterpress truck from Portland, OR

    A couple of weeks ago some friends and I went to check out a mobile letterpress truck called Moveable Type (http://type-truck.com) run by Kyle Durrie who funded this new project via Kickstarter:(http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/powerandlightpress/moveable-type-cross-country-adventures-in-printing).

    She received funding to go cross-country and demonstrate letterpress printing techniques for free in her mobile truck, where she also sells various printed products from her print shop back in Portland, Power and Light Press(http://www.etsy.com/shop/powerandlight)

    I took a few photos of my intro to letterpress experience, but had only my cell phone on me at the time, so the photos are less than great. Either way I was so glad I had a chance to partake, especially when Kyle was nice enough to give me her last Miami, FL print (shown at the end). Check the site in case she’s headed for a town near you!


  2. The eagle has landed.


  3. How To: Pack Like a Dude.

    I love traveling. Always have, always will. 

    When I was younger, I would pack and unpack 3 weeks before I was leaving..at least 75 times. 

    I would pretend that I was late for my flight and had to pack in a hurry (ala home alone), and try to create as many looks as possible. 

    I was a crazy little kid and my dad MUST have felt sorry for me because he always let me take a crapload of luggage and never complained. 

    Flash forward to 2012. 

    Boyfriend: “Where do you think you’re going with all that?”

    Me: “What do you mean ALL that?”

    Boyfriend: “Yeah ALL THAT.. cause you sure as hell aren’t coming with me.”

    Me: “Damnit.”

    So ladies here you have it. I hate to say it, and I hope I can keep my boyfriend from reading this post, but in this case, the dudes are right. We may think it’s awesome and totally necessary, but if you step back and take a look at yourself, it kinda looks like this. 

    Bringing a pile of crap sucks for several reasons:

    1. You’re limited to dropping off your baggage as soon as you arrive, and when I get somewhere I’m usually too anxious to just hit the the hotel. What if you have an early flight and it’s too early to check in? What if you pass a cool museum on the way? I like to keep my options open

    2. AIRLINE FEES! Most of the time airlines only allow you to take your purse + 1 carry on free of charge. I hate to pay extra before I’ve even on gone on the vacation! You have to arrive earlier at the airport, check your luggage + making the line to pick it up once you arrive. As per my #1 reason, I just like to get to my destination and take off immediately. PLUS what if i lose it?!

    3. People overpack. I like to look awesome while traveling, but I also like to be practical. I don’t need 3 pairs of shoes a day because the last thing I want to be thinking about while I’m vacationing is my outfit..Get creative and try to create day2night looks and leave some space in your bag for goodies..Coming with a light bag, gives you a great excuse to fill it up once you get there…

    4. HE’S GONNA MAKE YOU CARRY IT! After being forewarned, good luck trying to get your boyfriend or any of your friends to carry your bag. It’s just gonna drag you down in the end, and take away from the experience. Is it really worth it for the extra pair of jeans?

    My flight leaves at 7:00 am, so I better hit the sack.  I’m kinda too excited to sleep though… :) 

    Oh NYC how I’ve missed you…


  4. Yelp Me

    Somebody stop me from yelping…I’ve had an account since April 11’ but I hadn’t actually left a review until last week, when I was really bored at a bar. 

    I kind of started writing reviews because everything I read wasn’t helpful it all. People go on and on about the climate, how many chairs were in the restaurant, the names of their friends, what color their socks are etc., etc., instead of just telling me if the place is worth my time or not!

    So fear not if you leave in Miami or are heading to Miami make sure to check out my yelp (www.vitruviangirl.yelp.com) for suggestions :)

    One of my favorite places is a French sandwicherie, Buena Vista Deli, in Miami’s Design District. Here’s what I ate there this weekend!


    All for $23!

    Feel free to message me and I can give you some great suggestions based on your taste/budget. 

    Now you’ll have to excuse me while I get back to my yelping…

  5. I say that between my teeth…Miami is lovely for about a day, but is definitely one of the most awful places to live. 

    So in order to keep my sanity, on those days I feel like traveling, I concoct a day trip. It usually includes my boyfriend plus one or two other close friends who feel like hanging. 

    We’ll drive to any one of the urban areas of Miami like Wynwood, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, South Miami, or Brickell and experience it like a tourist. 

    I usually like to do something like this once a week, so I always feel like I’m traveling. I’ll eat somewhere I’ve never been, visit a few shops, take lots of photos, check out a new museum exhibit, whatever the area dictates really. 

    All I know is that without these dreamy days, I would have probably hung myself from a palm tree long ago. 





    I’m going to New York! I just bought tickets for $55 on Spirit.

    Watching my old video from my first trip to get me hyped up (not that I need it).

    *Warning my boyfriend who edited the video is a bit freaked by flying, which you can fully experience in the beginning of this video*


  7. Baggage Check

    I’m leaving for St. Pete on Friday for a much needed weekend getaway.

    As I was about to get up and pull out my luggage from the closet, I (surprise) spent 20 minutes checking out more awesome gorgeous pieces. 

    Check em’ out. 

    Which one is your favorite?


  8. Highlight’s from St. Pete

    I read once in a Fodor’s Florida guidebook that St. Petersburg was like the beatnik cooler younger brother of Tampa. AND THEY WERE RIGHT!

    I took off on a foggy Saturday morning, with my trusty chauffeur below. 


    Nothing like driving through Florida; you got swamp, swamp, palm trees, Wendy’s and dudes on motorcycles.

    However the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was absolutely gorgeous. 

    First Stop: Dali Museum 

    The 2nd largest collection of Dali works in the world, is housed by the privately owned Eleanor Reese Morse. Her and her husband were avid collectors and friends of Mr. Salvador Dali. 

    The museum was recently renovated and I had been meaning to head over since the opening on 1/1/11.

    Some of my favorite pieces can be seen below..But the best part of the museum was the crazy dialogue of the people visiting. “Dali is the kind of guy you want hung on your wall but not necessarily someone you want to invite over for dinner…”

    Girl with Curls, 1926

    Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra, 1936

    I managed to score all of my favorites in postcard form at the museum gift shop. It is my FAVORITE type of souvenir!.

    Afterwards my bf and I took advantage of the light and got some pictures in the courtyard both analog and digital. My Yashica-D twin lens reflex camera never ceases to draw a crowd..



    2nd Stop: The 600 Block

    St Petersburg has an amazing vintage store lineup on Central Ave. They call it “The 600 Block”. The people are super friendly, young, passionate, unique you name it. And it’s not just vintage stuff, but art galleries, music stores, coffee shops everything and anything art related. 

    Newbies on the block:




    I picked up a gorgeous 50’s head scarf at Ramblin’ Rose, that received rave reviews throughout the day as well as these cute earrings from Sweatshop.


    Rest Stop: The Pier Hotel

    I managed to grab a steal and book a hotel right on the pier! (Hence the name..) Old school Florida charm mixed with victorian furniture..For $130 we had FREE welcome drinks (beer and wine but Stella Artois not just Bud light [gross]) FREE continental breakfast, FREE wifi and 24/7 access to FREE coffee (a big +).

    The main theme of St. Petersburg: Drink your ass off. The hot spots are all in one location and for us, within walking distance to the hotel. Very relaxed, artsy, comfortable, charming. I’m definitely coming back… 

    P.S. All photos taken by my lovely boyfriend.