1. I say that between my teeth…Miami is lovely for about a day, but is definitely one of the most awful places to live. 

    So in order to keep my sanity, on those days I feel like traveling, I concoct a day trip. It usually includes my boyfriend plus one or two other close friends who feel like hanging. 

    We’ll drive to any one of the urban areas of Miami like Wynwood, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, South Miami, or Brickell and experience it like a tourist. 

    I usually like to do something like this once a week, so I always feel like I’m traveling. I’ll eat somewhere I’ve never been, visit a few shops, take lots of photos, check out a new museum exhibit, whatever the area dictates really. 

    All I know is that without these dreamy days, I would have probably hung myself from a palm tree long ago.