1. fashion’s night out 12’

    And so it begins…a quaint Fashion’s Night Out in the Magic City. Miami has a few budding art district’s, one known as The Design District is home to some of the city’s best furniture shops, restaurants and boutiques. It’s also my go-to choice for Fashion’s Night Out…

    First Stop: Marni

    Champagne, Spanish Vogue and Deco Prints for days, (hipsters too).

    Shiny Objects, Supple Leathers and one old ass Cuban lady serving up Prosecco.

    The District Factory is relatively new here, a place where pop-up shops come alive and die, all to try and find that sweet place into our hearts/closets (wallets)… Filled with many local handmades, free liquor and more importantly music!

    Afrobeta an awesome local electronica band that kept us jamming through the rain.

    FNO 2012 in the Design District has already been a great improvement since last year, and with the addition of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Celine, Hermes, Cartier, Dior, Givenchy and Fendi heading our way, next years is surely a success in the making.

    Until then! (tips hat, insert english accent)…

    (Source: vitruviangirl)


  2. New Digs

    Part of “growing up” is moving up. And here I am age 24 in my first ever apartment…

    This day could not have come soon enough and it’s everything I hoped it would be. 

    The next few photos, are some of my favorite snapshots around my new place. 

    My Room

    My ever growing nightstand. 

    My sanctuary next to my bed, it’s also the only window in my room. I am currently testing out my green thumb growing Sweet Basil, Cilantro and Strawberries! I also have my cactus Gleeba (Friends joke) and my succulents Robert Plant and Emma

    My boyfriend stealing a peek at July’s Vogue (Emma Stone)…

    My desk/tv/blog space. 

    My boyfriend’s workspace as well as his nightstand. It’s also my DIY table.

    My sewing/craft space. 

    Some of my books being held up by Pierre the Bear.

    My somewhat organized closet. 

    Dining Room 

    Living/Brandy’s Room


    Le Bathroom

    My favorite part of the bathroom are the Ikea flower decals at the bottom of the door! The shaggy green rug also helps create the illusion of grass in the room (the dog loves it). 

    But without a doubt the best thing about my apartment is the view!

  3. Waiting for my flight back to MIA…Good bye NYC, you were beautiful as usual.


  4. Yelp Me

    Somebody stop me from yelping…I’ve had an account since April 11’ but I hadn’t actually left a review until last week, when I was really bored at a bar. 

    I kind of started writing reviews because everything I read wasn’t helpful it all. People go on and on about the climate, how many chairs were in the restaurant, the names of their friends, what color their socks are etc., etc., instead of just telling me if the place is worth my time or not!

    So fear not if you leave in Miami or are heading to Miami make sure to check out my yelp (www.vitruviangirl.yelp.com) for suggestions :)

    One of my favorite places is a French sandwicherie, Buena Vista Deli, in Miami’s Design District. Here’s what I ate there this weekend!


    All for $23!

    Feel free to message me and I can give you some great suggestions based on your taste/budget. 

    Now you’ll have to excuse me while I get back to my yelping…


  5. Meet Brandy

    She’s a hotdog. And she was all mine this weekend! I often housesit for my friend Leilani when she goes on fabulous trips, (this time Vegas). Meanwhile my beau and I hang out for the weekend and take Brandylion out for walks along the bay, catch up on our reading and enjoy the local eats in Midtown.

    See you Friday Bratty B!

  6. I say that between my teeth…Miami is lovely for about a day, but is definitely one of the most awful places to live. 

    So in order to keep my sanity, on those days I feel like traveling, I concoct a day trip. It usually includes my boyfriend plus one or two other close friends who feel like hanging. 

    We’ll drive to any one of the urban areas of Miami like Wynwood, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, South Miami, or Brickell and experience it like a tourist. 

    I usually like to do something like this once a week, so I always feel like I’m traveling. I’ll eat somewhere I’ve never been, visit a few shops, take lots of photos, check out a new museum exhibit, whatever the area dictates really. 

    All I know is that without these dreamy days, I would have probably hung myself from a palm tree long ago.