1. Dear Tumblr, You can find me in a van down by the river…

    It is Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    I am currently unemployed, taking a semester off of school and moving out of my parents house.

    In other words…

    Ok maybe I’m exaggerating…MAYBE… 

    I QUIT MY FULL TIME JOB where I made tons o’ cash (which I saved!), so that I could fulfill my dreams of being an artisan/philosopher/designer/musician/ blogger/pain in the ass..(maybe I already fulfilled the position on the latter).. 

    I’M NOT GOING TO SCHOOL THIS TERM due to new Florida regulations (RICK SCOTT), that require me to file a FAFSA for my scholarship. Unfortunately I do not have a parent who supports me, therefore I lack necessary info and to make a shitty story short, I am waiting till I turn 24 next March to classify as an independent. If that doesn’t make sense, please see above GIF of Dave Chapelle for further clarification. 

    I MOVED OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE because let’s face it, who wants to be clubbed in the heart every time they step outside their bedroom walls. 

    In summary, I took the plunge people. I am saying NO to everything society shoves down my throat and am going to start AGAIN. Free from ridicule, morals, opinions and societal conjecture (if that’s even a term, who cares I just made it up.) 

    I am NOT going to go to school, get married, get Pr-eggo, retire and die.

    Sometimes you gotta do what you and everyone else is afraid of…LIVE.