1. Just made these fantastic vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Almond ‘Buttercream’ and Raspberry Glaze. 

    (Source: vitruviangirl)


    My dreams have come true.

    Click the photo to watch this video (must be on my page to view)…

    Found on apartmenttherapy.com

    (Source: thekitchn.com)


  3. New Blog Crush: Bless the Weather

    I came across Siobhan’s blog (www.hello-flower.com) via Google images, searching for a pair of Urbanears headphones, and out came her cute birthday wishlist (below).

    As I scrolled through the archives, I found that I had so much in common with this lovely blogger from London. 

    She takes fantastic photos of delicious eats, music, outings, knitting, DIY projects, cool links, etc., etc. Her Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/blesstheweather) is currently closed while she makes new material for the fall season. 

    Here are a few highlights from her blog. 

    I can’t wait to see what she does…She is too cool.


  4. Yelp Me

    Somebody stop me from yelping…I’ve had an account since April 11’ but I hadn’t actually left a review until last week, when I was really bored at a bar. 

    I kind of started writing reviews because everything I read wasn’t helpful it all. People go on and on about the climate, how many chairs were in the restaurant, the names of their friends, what color their socks are etc., etc., instead of just telling me if the place is worth my time or not!

    So fear not if you leave in Miami or are heading to Miami make sure to check out my yelp (www.vitruviangirl.yelp.com) for suggestions :)

    One of my favorite places is a French sandwicherie, Buena Vista Deli, in Miami’s Design District. Here’s what I ate there this weekend!


    All for $23!

    Feel free to message me and I can give you some great suggestions based on your taste/budget. 

    Now you’ll have to excuse me while I get back to my yelping…


  5. how to make sliders…and not eat them…

    SO, I am 2 days into the weirdest diet ever (I’m only doing it for 3 days), where I am basically eating no carbs (a little bit of carbs) and no solids (some solids), and all liquids (not really). 

    OKAY OKAY, I don’t know how to explain it but basically I can’t have anything delicious but can have just enough food so that I don’t drop dead in the middle of this post.

    It’s not a diet so much as an exercise…in will power…

    I have a tendency to stress snack, where I’m not really hungry, but still feel like eating something instead of waiting to the next meal. Not so bad right? Except it’s not usually like a yogurt or a granola bar, but more like a handful of Ruffles or Cheetos…So this 3 day period is one where I look at the food and say “NO, you are just food, NOT happiness”.

    Whatever, here is the story of my demise:

    Meet DANNY.

    DANNY is making sliders. 

    YUMMM is that fresh ciabatta bread? (IT IS)

    MARCOS (originator of said diet) doesn’t look to happy about our diet now DOES HE???

    Yes ladies, he IS single.

    Red Power Ranger Knife? CHECK!

    AND TIME TO ENJOY! Or whatever it is that I’m feeling in this photo…Me and my pathetic strawberry vomit.



  6. A Date With…ME!

    This morning I totally played hooky and thought “I love me, I want to take me out and buy me wonderful gifts”.

    And that is precisely what I did.

    Best date EVER. 

    Toodles :)


  7. Cheeses Christ, Dinner Party for Six !

    My gorgeous & gracious friend Leilani lives in the lovely Midtown Miami where we held a cheesy party. 

    Here we selected an array of delicious cheeses such as Parmesan, Mozzarella, Goat Cheese, Brie, Feta…more MOZZARELLA !

    In all honesty everyone was a little too hungry to set the table and we ended up eating the food as it was being put out. So excuse me for not having a fancy theme, but hey this isn’t Better Homes & Gardens, real people are HUNGRY. 

    I inadvertently dressed like a waitress…

    Eat. Drink. Repeat.

    Night friends.