1. on some new shit.

    Ah it IS that time of year again! 

    Yes we all want to exercise more and save money and get an A+ at life, but what are your REAL aspirations? Like how can I get 6 eyeballs to be able to read more books???

    My failure at life is that everyday is like New Years for me…I literally want to do TOO much. Is it weird that my resolution is to have less resolutions? 

    Anyhow tonight I’m having a glass of prosecco and taking my resolutions to the table. How can I break them into attainable goals instead of one giant, scary, vague idea like “Be Creative.”

    So the idea is to take the one idea and give myself tasks every week to work on my goals. 

    And as part of resolution #11 (Read More Books), I’ll be choosing my January reading picks this evening which begins with Happier at Home, a suitable pick considering my current resolution hype. It’s the sequel to The Happiness Project, which was incredibly inspirational to me and fun to read! My next pick, a narrative is the classic The Sun Also Risesfollowed by The Tipping Point.

    It’s been a rough day I’ll admit but man did I try, and that’s all I can really ask of myself for this year and the rest to come. 

    I’ll drink to that.


  2. diy: color block spoons

    Here is a fun/really cheap project that anyone could do to cute-ify their kitchen utensils. 

    The Inspiration: 

    via design crush

    The Materials: Ikea Spoons (48 cents, I’m not even kidding), Painters Tape, Paintbrush, Craft Paint of your choice (59 cents at craft stores or even Walmart).

    (Source: vitruviangirl)


  3. green thumb, take 1

    One of the plus sides of living in a place like Florida where there’s warm weather 95% of the year, means that you can pretty much start a garden at any time of the year. 

    LIving in an apartment however obviously limits me to a container garden, which I am totally fine with as there are a myriad of ways to make a garden on the balcony a dream. 

    My first attempt at green thumbing includes growing Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Strawberries and Forget-Me-Nots. And seeing as how all of these plants require starting seeds indoors, I thought this egg carton would be a nifty way to keep them all together, and get these plants-a-growin’.


    Egg Carton

    Potting Soil


    Popsicle Sticks* & Label Maker (to help identify seedlings)

    *Jokes Optional

    After a lot of research on the different seeds, I learned that most plants follow the same basic requirements: plenty of sunlight, watering, and general TLC. I will however attempt to fashion some sort of greenhouse contraption, to help the soil retain water by either placing a clear container on top or Saran wrap.

    Overall a fun and cute way to spruce up your windowsill and make it more useful. 

    (Source: vitruviangirl)

  4. DIY Red Barrette

    I clipped this from the July issue of Lucky, and wanted to create this look for a chic July 4th. I’m not a major bobby pin user and it felt silly to buy an entire pack of 20 so I attempted a DIY and used red nail polish to color my existing black bobby pins. It’s rather messy, spray paint would probably go a lot smoother, but what are the chances everyone has a random can of red spray paint nearby? 

    Either way it looks quite cute and does the trick. 

  5. Ok so I am obsessed with the bracelet tutorials on Honestly WTF…I honestly (hehe) want to do them all!

    After hours upon hours of getting lost in an internet wasteland, I am cutting the shit and making my first one tonight! I hope this goes better than my 2 hour attempt at fishtail braiding this morning…let’s just say my hair ended up closely resembling something that an anchor is tied too…

    Long live DIY!

    (Source: honestlywtf.com)


    My dreams have come true.

    Click the photo to watch this video (must be on my page to view)…

    Found on apartmenttherapy.com

    (Source: thekitchn.com)


  7. Valentines Day Pixely Popup Card

    Happy Valentines Day Tumblrs! 

    I just wanted to quickly share this fun DIY I did for friends and family today. 

    You can find the whole tutorial at http://www.minieco.co.uk/valentines-day-pixely-popup-card/

    Have a great night!


  8. New Blog Crush: Bless the Weather

    I came across Siobhan’s blog (www.hello-flower.com) via Google images, searching for a pair of Urbanears headphones, and out came her cute birthday wishlist (below).

    As I scrolled through the archives, I found that I had so much in common with this lovely blogger from London. 

    She takes fantastic photos of delicious eats, music, outings, knitting, DIY projects, cool links, etc., etc. Her Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/blesstheweather) is currently closed while she makes new material for the fall season. 

    Here are a few highlights from her blog. 

    I can’t wait to see what she does…She is too cool.

  9. Found in Entrepreneur magazine.

    Shoes of Prey
    Founded in 2009 by a team of three, this women’s shoe customization site now has a 17-person staff, five offices worldwide and averages 60 percent revenue growth quarter over quarter. Since launch, women have designed tens of millions of shoes, down to the heel, toe, fabric, color and embellishments.

    Check out the video and watch a pair of shoes being made from start to finish. 


  10. How To: Pack Like a Dude.

    I love traveling. Always have, always will. 

    When I was younger, I would pack and unpack 3 weeks before I was leaving..at least 75 times. 

    I would pretend that I was late for my flight and had to pack in a hurry (ala home alone), and try to create as many looks as possible. 

    I was a crazy little kid and my dad MUST have felt sorry for me because he always let me take a crapload of luggage and never complained. 

    Flash forward to 2012. 

    Boyfriend: “Where do you think you’re going with all that?”

    Me: “What do you mean ALL that?”

    Boyfriend: “Yeah ALL THAT.. cause you sure as hell aren’t coming with me.”

    Me: “Damnit.”

    So ladies here you have it. I hate to say it, and I hope I can keep my boyfriend from reading this post, but in this case, the dudes are right. We may think it’s awesome and totally necessary, but if you step back and take a look at yourself, it kinda looks like this. 

    Bringing a pile of crap sucks for several reasons:

    1. You’re limited to dropping off your baggage as soon as you arrive, and when I get somewhere I’m usually too anxious to just hit the the hotel. What if you have an early flight and it’s too early to check in? What if you pass a cool museum on the way? I like to keep my options open

    2. AIRLINE FEES! Most of the time airlines only allow you to take your purse + 1 carry on free of charge. I hate to pay extra before I’ve even on gone on the vacation! You have to arrive earlier at the airport, check your luggage + making the line to pick it up once you arrive. As per my #1 reason, I just like to get to my destination and take off immediately. PLUS what if i lose it?!

    3. People overpack. I like to look awesome while traveling, but I also like to be practical. I don’t need 3 pairs of shoes a day because the last thing I want to be thinking about while I’m vacationing is my outfit..Get creative and try to create day2night looks and leave some space in your bag for goodies..Coming with a light bag, gives you a great excuse to fill it up once you get there…

    4. HE’S GONNA MAKE YOU CARRY IT! After being forewarned, good luck trying to get your boyfriend or any of your friends to carry your bag. It’s just gonna drag you down in the end, and take away from the experience. Is it really worth it for the extra pair of jeans?

    My flight leaves at 7:00 am, so I better hit the sack.  I’m kinda too excited to sleep though… :) 

    Oh NYC how I’ve missed you…