1. how to make sliders…and not eat them…

    SO, I am 2 days into the weirdest diet ever (I’m only doing it for 3 days), where I am basically eating no carbs (a little bit of carbs) and no solids (some solids), and all liquids (not really). 

    OKAY OKAY, I don’t know how to explain it but basically I can’t have anything delicious but can have just enough food so that I don’t drop dead in the middle of this post.

    It’s not a diet so much as an exercise…in will power…

    I have a tendency to stress snack, where I’m not really hungry, but still feel like eating something instead of waiting to the next meal. Not so bad right? Except it’s not usually like a yogurt or a granola bar, but more like a handful of Ruffles or Cheetos…So this 3 day period is one where I look at the food and say “NO, you are just food, NOT happiness”.

    Whatever, here is the story of my demise:

    Meet DANNY.

    DANNY is making sliders. 

    YUMMM is that fresh ciabatta bread? (IT IS)

    MARCOS (originator of said diet) doesn’t look to happy about our diet now DOES HE???

    Yes ladies, he IS single.

    Red Power Ranger Knife? CHECK!

    AND TIME TO ENJOY! Or whatever it is that I’m feeling in this photo…Me and my pathetic strawberry vomit.