1. new year, same me


    My first post of 2014, filled with hope and optimism for the future, but mind you it’s only February…

    As usual I’m late to hop on the bandwagon and it wasn’t until the second to third week of January in which I asked myself what do I want to work on this year? 

    Last year was another whirlwind transitional year filled with lots of changes…Home, car, friends, family, career and while on the outside everything seemed to be falling in line, the insides were suffering. I never seemed to be able to play catch-up quick enough. Beautiful new house, no time to clean or maintain it…Brand new car, already has half my closet inside it…No time for family or friends…just work, work, work. And although it has paid off (Two promotions in one year anyone? Double my salary?) I really now need to take a step back and deal with me. And maybe the outside of me as well (weight gain, mani/pedi, a haircut even?

    So with a little help from my favorite resources I started to get inspired…

    For inner strength- www.zenhabits.com

    For the home- www.apartmenttherapy.com

    For my belly- www.thekitchn.com

    For a smaller belly- www.mapmyrun.com

    For style- www.luckymag.com 

    For money- www.mint.com 

    For my sanity- www.netflix.com/theoffice

    And for organizing it all:

    1.The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun,

    2. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity,

    3. Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

    4. Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality

    5. V Is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone

    And after a month or so of actually doing things, not just saying them, I’m happy to report that I feel exactly the same…only better. I can’t say that all of my bad habits will ever completely go away, that I myself could change, but I do believe that I can improve.  

    So as I research and learn my shortcuts, I shall share them with you, whoever you are and hope you screw up as often as I do. Remembering to embrace the new year and yourself, with the goal of not being different or perfect, just better. 


  2. what happened to the plans?


    Yeah…about those plans…the same ones I make for like ever and ever…

    Plans to blog, plans to travel, plans to plan! Plans for exercising, eating right, saving money, learning, reading, socializing, working, writing and whatever the fuck else you can think of [insert here]…

    What the f happened?

    Did they get lost in translation? 

    As I look upon my old self, almost exactly one year ago via this blog, I’ve accomplished almost nothing creatively as I’d hoped to. And now thinking about it…it seems as though I’ve only recently gotten my life together…

    My knee jerk reaction is to knee myself…However, I have made progress in other areas and maybe I now have an environment conducive for creating. I recently got promoted at a job I love, and because it’s far I bought a brand new fuel-efficient vehicle. I’m moving into a beautiful new apartment, my relationships are improving, and I’m finally working out regularly and eating healthier. 

    I’d love to say getting here was a breeze but it sure as hell wasn’t. I ask so much of myself everyday…and when I am successful, pretend that it took no effort at all, only to immediately fill my head with even higher expectations than before. 

    I used to love blogs as a source of inspiration but at this point I am so sick of these personal bloggers pretending that their life is so glamorous and perfect. Its unrealistic and its shallow, and at times even disgusting. Constantly making your life look like it came out of a storybook, and your closet a magazine doesn’t tell me anything…What are you really sharing with me? Where is your struggle? Can I learn something from you? Cause I sure as hell can’t relate to you…I need content! 

    Life can be so lonely sometimes, no matter how many people you have in it…and that little voice in your head that tells you their ideas, wishes, hopes and dreams is subject to your scrutiny, and man I can get awful mean, awful fast. 

    Even though I was disappointed in my lack of creation over the past year, I did like that I had something to refer to. The idea of a blog, to capture your journey and really capture it. The good and the bad. 

    I’d like to say that I’m now “starting over” but perhaps instead, I could say “I’m picking up where I left off.”

    We can’t undo our mistakes, or go back in time, or be anything other than who we are; and if we don’t like it we should change it. Take it day by day and learn from what we did, that we may not have felt was ideal. But we shouldn’t want to erase it…Because our flaws are what make us interesting and lead us to new horizons. I want to feel everyday that I’m getting closer and closer to the ideal me. The person I WANT to be. Even though I’ll never get there, as our expectations will always change, I can say that no matter what day it was I did the best I could and never gave up  on myself. To love yourself unconditionally, as we so often request others do…I would find it hard not to love someone like that. That should be the only plan…and then everything else in life is just a step towards greatness. 

    As I continue to pick up the pieces, I want this blog to be a tool that helps me remember…to serve as a reminder…a tool that helps me discover, and share in a way keeping a diary or scrapbook just couldn’t. Life is lonely, but there is always the internet to help you connect…And I know there are vitruvian girls everywhere. 


  3. on some new shit.

    Ah it IS that time of year again! 

    Yes we all want to exercise more and save money and get an A+ at life, but what are your REAL aspirations? Like how can I get 6 eyeballs to be able to read more books???

    My failure at life is that everyday is like New Years for me…I literally want to do TOO much. Is it weird that my resolution is to have less resolutions? 

    Anyhow tonight I’m having a glass of prosecco and taking my resolutions to the table. How can I break them into attainable goals instead of one giant, scary, vague idea like “Be Creative.”

    So the idea is to take the one idea and give myself tasks every week to work on my goals. 

    And as part of resolution #11 (Read More Books), I’ll be choosing my January reading picks this evening which begins with Happier at Home, a suitable pick considering my current resolution hype. It’s the sequel to The Happiness Project, which was incredibly inspirational to me and fun to read! My next pick, a narrative is the classic The Sun Also Risesfollowed by The Tipping Point.

    It’s been a rough day I’ll admit but man did I try, and that’s all I can really ask of myself for this year and the rest to come. 

    I’ll drink to that.


  4. diy: color block spoons

    Here is a fun/really cheap project that anyone could do to cute-ify their kitchen utensils. 

    The Inspiration: 

    via design crush

    The Materials: Ikea Spoons (48 cents, I’m not even kidding), Painters Tape, Paintbrush, Craft Paint of your choice (59 cents at craft stores or even Walmart).

    (Source: vitruviangirl)

  5. For richer or poorer…

    I have been lusting after this gorgeous Carven voile since it was posted on www.decadediary.typepad.com this past June, but at $470 this costs a pretty penny…

    BUT, fear not as I’ve gotten my fix for a measly $24.95 (not even counting my employee discount) at the one and only H&M.

    In this case, FOR POORER WINS!

    P.S. I threw in that awesome spiky gold necklace (also from H&M) for some edge.

    (Source: vitruviangirl)

  6. Just made these fantastic vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Almond ‘Buttercream’ and Raspberry Glaze. 

    (Source: vitruviangirl)


  7. fashion’s night out 12’

    And so it begins…a quaint Fashion’s Night Out in the Magic City. Miami has a few budding art district’s, one known as The Design District is home to some of the city’s best furniture shops, restaurants and boutiques. It’s also my go-to choice for Fashion’s Night Out…

    First Stop: Marni

    Champagne, Spanish Vogue and Deco Prints for days, (hipsters too).

    Shiny Objects, Supple Leathers and one old ass Cuban lady serving up Prosecco.

    The District Factory is relatively new here, a place where pop-up shops come alive and die, all to try and find that sweet place into our hearts/closets (wallets)… Filled with many local handmades, free liquor and more importantly music!

    Afrobeta an awesome local electronica band that kept us jamming through the rain.

    FNO 2012 in the Design District has already been a great improvement since last year, and with the addition of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Celine, Hermes, Cartier, Dior, Givenchy and Fendi heading our way, next years is surely a success in the making.

    Until then! (tips hat, insert english accent)…

    (Source: vitruviangirl)

  8. Chunky Knits with waxed skinny jeans in any color with some classic combat boots looks like the coziest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Knit top / rag & bone knit top / Crafted knit sweater, $44 / Isabel Marant knit top / Knit top / H&M skinny jeans, $32 / Lace up boots

    OH and this is my first set on Polyvore! :-)

  9. So it’s the day after Labor Day…which means you can kiss white jeans and the like good-bye. But until when? And WHY

    I’ve always been quite baffled by this fashion “don’t” and am looking to Google for answers. So here’s what I found:

    White is a cool color to wear that was practical for the hotter months and was perceived as unfashionable to wear after Labor Day, which was established in 1894 and since then has been considered taboo but not for any particular reason other than that darker colors were meant for Fall.

    Coco Chanel, a trendsetter from the start, was never a proponent of the theory and wore white year-round. However, according to the purists, the rule extends to Memorial Day, where finally you’d be able to don your whites, jeans or shoes. I’m not totally sure how I feel about this…I can’t imagine not being able to wear white tops throughout the year…Do you think this applies in modern times? Do you still wear white after Labor Day?

    (Source: teenvogue.com)

  10. Fascinating video…

    Are you past oriented or future oriented?